FRITZ!Box DynDNS with Cloudflare

Step1: Create a Cloudflare custom API token

Create a Cloudflare API token with read permissions for the scope Zone.Zone and edit permissions for the scope Zone.DNS.

Cloudflare Custom API Token

Step 2: Set up DynDNS on your FRITZ!Box

FRITZ!Box SettingValueDescription
Update URL<pass>&record=www&<ipaddr>&ipv6=<ip6addr>Replace the URL parameter record and zone with your domain name. If required you can omit either the ipv4 or ipv6 URL parameter.
Domain Namewww.example.comThe FQDN from the URL parameter record and zone.
UsernameadminYou can choose whatever value you want.
Password●●●●●●The API token you’ve created earlier.

The code behind is open source and available on GitHub!